First Date Secrets: Making a Good First Impression

How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a First Date

Having first date jitters is justifiable, and no one I know can be perfectly calm before a first date. Going on a date with someone you met on a free dating website can be a bit unnerving. Even famous people get fidgety over a first date. Jerry Seinfeld once wrote in his book Sein Language that, “dating is pressure and tension…a job interview that lasts all night.” Although Seinfeld define it rather comically, going on a first date can be pretty overwhelming.

But pull yourself together since here are tried-and-tested tips to  dating filipina  help you make a good impression on your first date.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.If you really want to be a success in dating someone you met from a free dating site, you should make it a point to look your best. Grooming is very important. Some men overlook this fact and feel that it’s okay to go on a date looking like they just got out of bed. It’s not. Some women go overboard when it comes to makeup. Hear this: the less makeup you have on, the more attractive you are to a man. When it comes to choosing what to wear, it is better to go for a crisp, conservative look when you meet someone from a free online dating site.

Interesting stories or anecdotes are useful for those moments of awkward silence, so it wouldn’t hurt to rehearse one or two before going on a date.

Talk Less, Listen More. Many people talk too much during a first date because they are nervous. That is a major turn off. Instead of blurting out irrational things, slow down and focus on your date that you met on a free online dating site. Ask questions and listen to what your date say to show that you are genuinely interested. You and your date will get along well if you learn how to become an active listener. A little compliment here and there won’t hurt either.

Be Confident in Yourself.You cannot impress your date from a  hot asian wife  free dating website if you have low self-esteem. So tell yourself that you are a unique individual and all the things that make who you are right now are enough for someone to appreciate you.

Just Have Fun. You must have heard of the saying, “Do your worrying before you decide on something and not after.” Once you agree to date the person you met on a free online dating site, you can only prepare so much. So just let things happen and think that a first date is but a step to finding the love of your life. If you are afraid of the possibility of rejection, just think of the many people who can become a possible date? You turned out to be not your date’s type? So what?! Just move on to the next possibility, at least you already eliminated one. You will find love in no time if you keep a positive attitude towards dating.

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